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API Reference Guide > JPEG 2000 Component API Reference > JPEG 2000 Component Enumerations Reference > enumJPEG2KFilters

Specifies the type of Wavelet filter to be used for Wavelet Discrete Transform.


IG_JPEG2K_FILTER_AUTO Automatically selects the best transform depending on image type. It selects irreversible transform for true color and grayscale images, and reversible transform for paletted images.
IG_JPEG2K_FILTER_REVERSIBLE Indicates a reversible transform based on 5/3 filter. It is necessary to use this transform in order to save a lossless JPEG 2000 file. Other control parameters that affect the lossless saving are RATE_BYTES and QUALITY_LAYERS.
IG_JPEG2K_FILTER_IRREVERSIBLE Indicates an irreversible transform based on Daubechies 9/7 filter. This transform is more efficient for saving lossy compressed images than the reversible one. The amount of loss and compression ratio are defined by RATE_BYTES and QUALITY_LAYERS control parameters.


See the description of the WAVELET_FILTER control parameter (used by JPEG 2000 and JPX format filters).

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