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API Reference Guide > Core Component API Reference > Core Component Enumerations Reference > enumIGWMFTagIDs

Lists all WMF tag identifiers.


IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_FORMAT WMF metadata format identifier.
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_FH_KEY WMF file magic number.
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_FH_HANDLE Metafile HANDLE number (should always be 0).
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_FH_LEFT Left coordinate in metafile units.
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_FH_TOP Top coordinate in metafile units.
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_FH_RIGHT Right coordinate in metafile units.
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_FH_BOTTOM Bottom coordinate in metafile units..
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_FH_INCH Number of metafile units per inch.
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_FH_RESERVED Reserved (should always be 0).
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_MH_FILE_TYPE Type of metafile (1=memory, 2=disk).
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_MH_HEADER_SIZE Size of header in WORDS (always 9).
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_MH_VERSION Version of Microsoft Windows used.
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_MH_FILE_SIZE Total size of the metafile in WORDs.
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_MH_NUM_OBJECTS Number of objects in the file.
IGMDTAG_ID_WMF_MH_MAX_RECORD_SIZE The size of largest record in WORDs.
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