ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
API Reference Guide > PDF Component API Reference > PDF Component Enumerations Reference > enumIGPDFPermReqStatus

An enumerated data type that provides the status of PDF Doc-related permissions methods.


IG_PDF_PERM_REQ_DENIED 1 Request was denied.
IG_PDF_PERM_REQ_GRANTED 0 Request was granted.
IG_PDF_PERM_REQ_UNKNOWN_OBJECT 1 The object is unknown.
IG_PDF_PERM_REQ_UNKNOWN_OPERATION 2 The operation is unknown.
IG_PDF_PERM_REQ_OPERATION_NA 3 The operation is not applicable for the specified object.
IG_PDF_PERM_REQ_PENDING 4 The handler doesn't have enough info to answer at this point. Try again later.

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