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Lists IPTC Application Object Attributes.


IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_CURRENT Object content is about events taking place at the time of the report.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_ANALYSIS The object contains data and conclusions drawn by a journalist who has researched the story in depth.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_ARCHIVE_MATERIAL The object contains material distributed previously that has been selected from the originator's archives.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_BACKGROUND The object provides some scene-setting and explanation for the event being reported.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_FEATURE The object content is about a particular event or individual that may not be significant to current breaking news.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_FORECAST The object contains opinion as to the outcome of a future event.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_HISTORY The object content is based on previous rather than current events.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_OBITUARY The object contains a narrative about an individual's life and achievements for publication after his or her death.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_OPINION The object contains an editorial comment that reflects the views of the author.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_POLLS_SURVEYS The object contains numeric or other information produced as a result of questionnaires or interviews.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_PROFILE The object contains a description of the life or activity of a news subject (often a living individual).
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_RES_LISTINGS_TABLES The object contains alphanumeric data suitable for presentation in tabular form.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_SIDE_BAR_SUPPORTING_INFO The object contains a related story that provides additional insight into the news event being reported.
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_SUMMARY The object is a collection of synopses on news items (generally unrelated).
IGMDTAG_ID_IPTC_OBJATTR_TRANSCRIPT_VERBATIM The object contains a word-for-word report of a discussion or briefing without significant journalistic intervention.
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