ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
API Reference Guide > Core Component API Reference > Core Component Enumerations Reference > enumIGCALTagIDs

Lists all CAL tag identifiers.


IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_FORMAT CAL metadata format identifier.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_SRCDOCID Source system document identifier.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_DSTDOCID Destination system document identifier.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_TXTFILID Text file identifier. This record contains a string indicating the document page that this image page contains.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_FIGID Figure or table identifier. This is the number by which the image page figure is referenced.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_RTYPE Raster data type. This is the format of raster image data that follows the header record data block in this file.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_RORIENT Raster image orientation.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_RPELCNT Raster image pel count.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_RDENSITY Raster image density.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_SRCGPH Source system graphics filename.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_DOCCLS Document security label.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_FOSIPUBID PUBLIC identifier of an associated FOSI.
IGMDTAG_ID_CAL_NOTES Notes information that is not applicable to any of the other records in the CALS raster file header.
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