ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
API Reference Guide > Core Component API Reference > Core Component Enumerations Reference > enumDIBArea

Specifies data format to be used by IG_DIB_area_get and IG_DIB_area_set functions.


IG_DIB_AREA_RAW This value has been deprecated and will be removed from the public API in a future release.
IG_DIB_AREA_DIB Get or set the data in standard uncompressed DIB format. Each row is padded to a multiple of 4 bytes length. 1-bit pixels are returned 8 to the byte, most significant bit first. 4-bit pixels are returned 2 to the byte, similarly left justified. 24-bit pixels are returned 3 bytes per pixel, ordered Blue-Green-Red.
IG_DIB_AREA_UNPACKED Get or set the data using 1 pixel per byte, or 3 bytes for a 24-bit pixel, ordered Blue-Green-Red. Each 1-bit or 4-bit pixel will be returned right justified in a single byte, padded with zeroes in the most significant bits of the byte.

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