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API Reference Guide > Core Component API Reference > Core Component Enumerations Reference > enumAsciiPageSize

Specifies predefined sizes, in thousandths of an inch, for TXT (ASCII) PAGE_WIDTH, PAGE_HEIGHT filter control parameters.


IG_ASCIIXSIZELETTER Letter size width (8 1/2").
IG_ASCIIYSIZELETTER Letter size height (11").
IG_ASCIIXSIZELEGAL Legal size width (8 1/2").
IG_ASCIIYSIZELEGAL Legal size height (14").
IG_ASCIIXSIZEEXECUTIVE Executive size width (7 1/4").
IG_ASCIIYSIZEEXECUTIVE Executive size height (10 1/2").
IG_ASCIIXSIZEENVELOPE Envelope size width (4 1/8").
IG_ASCIIYSIZEENVELOPE Envelope size height (9 1/2").

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