ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
Application Packaging
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Regardless of your deployment model, the first step in deploying your application is to package the required ImageGear runtime components.

The following content of the /Accusoft/ImageGear<Version>/Bin/.. from your ImageGear Installation represents the ImageGear runtime components:

You can take these components and include them into the installation package for your application.

Please make sure your installation routine defines the SSMPATH environment variable that contains a path to the picn5520.ssm (picx520.ssm for 64-bit platforms) file. For example: SSMPATH=$HOME//YourApp/Bin

If you are using Automatically Reported Runtime (Node-Locked) Licensing model:

The end user will obtain the license file and place it to the $HOME//License directory.

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