ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
Set the Buffer Size to Limit IO
[No Target Defined] > [No Target Defined] > Common Operations > Loading and Saving > Set the Buffer Size to Limit IO

ImageGear uses internal bufferization for image reading and writing. This reduces the number of system IO operations during reading and writing, and consequently improves image loading and saving performance, especially when the image is located on a remote computer.

Use the IO.BUFFER_SIZE control parameter to control the size of the reading buffer. The default value is 262144 bytes (256 KBytes). This size works well for most images, but you can use a smaller buffer for very small images or a larger buffer for large images. Setting the buffer size to 0 cancels bufferization on reading.

Some format filters, such as TIFF and JPEG, set the buffer size for reading pixel data automatically, according to the image raster size. However, they also use the common IO.BUFFER_SIZE setting for reading the image header.

Many formats set the buffer size automatically.

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