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Merge Multiple PDFs
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Before working with a PDF document, make sure to initialize the PDF component (see Getting Started with PDF).

This section illustrates how to merge two PDF documents into one document. This example assumes you have two loaded HMIGEAR PDF documents in memory, i.e., document1 and document2 (refer to Load and Save a PDF to learn how to load a PDF).

  1. Create handles to PDF document objects, using the information from each loaded HMIGEAR object:
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       HIG_PDF_DOC pdf1 = 0;
       HIG_PDF_DOC pdf2 = 0;
       IG_mpi_info_get(document1, IG_MP_DOCUMENT, &pdf1, sizeof(HIG_PDF_DOC));
       IG_mpi_info_get(document2, IG_MP_DOCUMENT, &pdf2, sizeof(HIG_PDF_DOC));
  2. Create the target PDF document in which to insert the PDF pages:
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       HMIGEAR targetDocument = 0;
       HIG_PDF_DOC targetPdf = 0;
       IG_mpi_create(&targetDocument, 0);
       IG_mpi_info_get(targetDocument, IG_MP_DOCUMENT, &targetPdf, sizeof(HIG_PDF_DOC));

    At this point, the target PDF document has zero pages.

  3. Append all pages from each source PDF document:
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       UINT firstPage = 0;
       IG_PDF_doc_insert_pages(targetPdf, IG_PDF_LAST_PAGE, pdf1, firstPage,
       IG_PDF_doc_insert_pages(targetPdf, IG_PDF_LAST_PAGE, pdf2, firstPage,
  4. Save the merged PDF to disk:
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       UINT pageCount = 0;
       IG_PDF_doc_get_page_count(targetPdf, &pageCount);
       IG_mpi_file_save("merged.pdf", targetDocument, firstPage, firstPage, pageCount, IG_FORMAT_PDF,
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