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API Reference Guide > PDF Component API Reference > PDF Component Enumerations Reference > enumIGPDEImageAttrFlags

Flags for AT_PDE_IMAGEATTRS. See Section 4.8.4 in the PDF Reference for more information on image attributes.


IG_PDE_IMAGE_EXTERNAL 0x0001 Image is an XObject.
IG_PDE_IMAGE_MASK 0x0002 Image is an imagemask.
IG_PDE_IMAGE_INTERPOLATE 0x0004 Interpolate is true.
IG_PDE_IMAGE_HAVE_DECODE 0x0008 We have a decode array.
IG_PDE_IMAGE_INDEXED 0x0010 Uses an indexed color space.
IG_PDE_IMAGE_MASKED_BY_POSITION 0x0020 Image has a Mask key containing an ImageMask stream.
IG_PDE_IMAGE_MASKED_BY_COLOR 0x0040 Image has a Mask key containing an array of color values.
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