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API Reference Guide > PDF Component API Reference > PDF Component Enumerations Reference > enumIGPDFFontFlags

Font flags. Constants that indicate a font's attributes (fixed width, roman or symbolic, sans serif, and so forth).


IG_PDF_FIXED_WIDTH 0x00000001 All glyphs in the font are the same width.
IG_PDF_SERIF 0x00000002 The font is a serif font.
IG_PDF_PI 0x00000004 The font is a symbolic (pi) font.
IG_PDF_SCRIPT 0x00000008 The font is a script font.
IG_PDF_STD_ENCODING 0x00000020 The font uses standard encoding.
IG_PDF_ITALIC 0x00000040 The font is an italic font.
IG_PDF_ALL_CAP 0x00010000 The font is an all-caps font.
IG_PDF_SMALL_CAP 0x00020000 The font is a small caps font.
IG_PDF_FORCE_BOLD 0x00040000 Force bold characters to draw bold even at small point sizes.
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