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Font metrics.


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typedef struct tagAT_PDF_FONT_METRICS
        AT_DWORD flags;                             
        AT_PDF_FIXEDRECT fontBBox;                      
        AT_INT16 missingWidth;          
        AT_INT16 stemV;                         
        AT_INT16 stemH;                         
        AT_INT16 capHeight;                     
        AT_INT16 xHeight;                       
        AT_INT16 ascent;                                
        AT_INT16 descent;                       
        AT_INT16 leading;               
        AT_INT16 maxWidth;                      
        AT_INT16 avgWidth;                      
        AT_INT16 italicAngle;           
        AT_PDF_FONT_STYLES style;                               
        AT_INT16 baseLineAdj;           


Name Type Description
flags AT_DWORD Must be an OR of the Font Flags values. All unused flags must be off.
fontBBox AT_PDF_FIXEDRECT Font bounding box in 1000 EM units. (An EM is a typographic unit of measurement equal to the size of a font. In a 12-point font, an EM is 12 points.)
missingWidth AT_INT16 Width of missing character.
stemV AT_INT16 Vertical stem width.
stemH AT_INT16 Horizontal stem width.
capHeight AT_INT16 Capital height.
xHeight AT_INT16 X height.
ascent AT_INT16 Max ascender height.
descent AT_INT16 Max descender depth.
Leading AT_INT16 Additional leading between lines.
maxWidth AT_INT16 Maximum character width.
avgWidth AT_INT16 Average character width.
italicAngle AT_INT16 Italic angle in degrees, if any.
style AT_PDF_FONT_STYLES Panose and sFamily class values.
baseLineAdj AT_INT16 Baseline adjustment, which is a vertical adjustment for font baseline difference and writing mode 1 (vertical). This should only be used for CIDFontType 2 fonts with font substitution.
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