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API Reference Guide > PDF Component API Reference > PDF Component Objects Reference > Page Editing Objects and Elements > HIG_PDE_XGROUP

Handle to the PDE XGroup object. XGroup - a transparency (XGroup) resource.


IG_PDE_xgroup_create Creates a new XGroup of the given type.
IG_PDE_xgroup_get_colorspace Acquires the color space of the transparency group.
IG_PDE_xgroup_get_isolated Gets the isolated Boolean value of the transparency group.
IG_PDE_xgroup_get_knockout Gets the knockout Boolean value of the transparency group.
IG_PDE_xgroup_set_colorspace Sets the color space for the XGroup.
IG_PDE_xgroup_set_isolated Sets the XGroup to be isolated or not.
IG_PDE_xgroup_set_knockout Sets the knockout value.
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