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Gets the size of the path data and, optionally, the path data.


Copy Code
        HIG_PDE_PATH hPath,
        LPLONG lpData, 
        LONG nDataSize, 
        LPLONG lpnLenght 


Name Type Description
hPath HIG_PDE_PATH The path whose data is obtained.
lpData LPLONG Pointer to path data. If lpData is non-NULL, it contains a variable-sized array of path operators and operands. The format is a 32-bit operator followed by 0 to 3 AT_PDF_FIXEDPOINT values, depending on the operator. Opcodes are codes for moveto, lineto, curveto, rect, or closepath operators; operands are AT_PDF_FIXEDPOINT values. If data is NULL, the number of bytes required for data is returned in lpnLenght. 
Returns "raw" path data. If you want the points in page coordinates, concatenate the path data points with the PDE Element matrix obtained from IG_PDE_element_get_matrix.
nDataSize LONG Specifies the size of the buffer provided in data. If it is less than the length of the path data, the method copies datasize bytes.
lpnLength LPLONG Length of data of hPath.

Return Value:

Error count.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.

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