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Handle to the PDE image object. An image is an element that contains an Image XObject or in-line image. You can associate data or a stream with an image.


IG_PDE_image_create Creates an image object.
IG_PDE_image_get_attrs Gets the attributes for an image.
IG_PDE_image_get_color_mask Gets the Mask entry from the image dictionary.
IG_PDE_image_get_colorspace Gets the color space object for an image.
IG_PDE_image_get_data Gets an image's data.
IG_PDE_image_get_data_length Gets the length of data for an image.
IG_PDE_image_get_data_stream Gets a data stream for an image.
IG_PDE_image_get_decode_array Gets the decode array for an image.
IG_PDE_image_get_dictionary Gets the dictionary for an image.
IG_PDE_image_get_filter_array Gets the filter array for an image.
IG_PDE_image_get_matte_array Gets the matte array for the image XObject.
IG_PDE_image_get_soft_mask Gets the soft mask for an image.
IG_PDE_image_has_soft_mask Checks whether the image has a soft mask.
IG_PDE_image_is_data_encoded Determines if image data is encoded or not.
IG_PDE_image_is_xobject Determines if an image is an XObject image.
IG_PDE_image_set_color_mask Sets the color space of the image.
IG_PDE_image_set_colorspace Sets the Mask entry from the image dictionary.
IG_PDE_image_set_data Sets data for an image.
IG_PDE_image_set_data_stream Sets a data stream for an image.
IG_PDE_image_set_decode_array Sets the decode array of an image.
IG_PDE_image_set_matte_array Sets the matte array for the image XObject.
IG_PDE_image_set_soft_mask Sets the soft mask.
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