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Handle to the PDE form object. A form is an element that corresponds to an instance of XObject Form on a page (or other containing stream such as another XObject Form or annotation form). The context associated with this instance includes the actual stream that represents the XObject Form and the initial conditions of the graphics state. The latter consists of the transformation matrix, initial color values, and so forth. It is possible to have two Forms that refer to the same XObject Form. The forms will exist at different places on the same page, depending on the transformation matrix. They may also have different colors or line stroking parameters. In the case of a transparency group, the opacity is specified in the gstate.

Within a Form, each element has its own gstate (or is a container, place, or group object). These gstates are independent of the parent Form gstate. Form elements may have their own opacity.

Content may be obtained from a Form to edit the form's display list.


IG_PDE_form_clone Creates a new form from an existing form object.
IG_PDE_form_create Creates a new form from an existing object.
IG_PDE_form_get_content Gets a PDE Content object for a form.
IG_PDE_form_get_xgroup Acquires the transparency group dictionary of the XObject form.
IG_PDE_form_has_xgroup Determines whether the XObject form has a Transparency XGroup.
IG_PDE_form_set_content Sets the form content.
IG_PDE_form_set_xgroup Sets the transparency group dictionary of the form XObject.
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