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API Reference Guide > PDF Component API Reference > PDF Component Objects Reference > Page Editing Objects and Elements > HIG_PDE_CONTENT

Handle to the PDE content object. Modifiable content of a PDF page, which contains elements. Content may be obtained from an existing page or from a Form XObject.


IG_PDE_content_add_element Inserts an element into content.
IG_PDE_content_create Creates empty PDEContent.
IG_PDE_content_get_attrs Gets the attributes of a content.
IG_PDE_content_get_default_color_space Gets a default color space from hContent.
IG_PDE_content_get_element Obtains requested element from content.
IG_PDE_content_get_element_count Gets the number of elements in a content.
IG_PDE_content_remove_element Removes an element from content.
IG_PDE_content_release Releases a PDE Content object.
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