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API Reference Guide > MD Component API Reference > MD Component Functions Reference > Modality Transform Functions > MED_modality_transform_apply_64

Applies the linear modality transform (lpRescale) to the specified value.


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AT_INT MED_modality_transform_apply_64(
        const AT_MED_MODALITY_RESCALE* lpRescale,
        AT_INT64 Value,
        LPAT_INT64 lpResult


lpRescale const AT_MED_MODALITY_RESCALE* Pointer to AT_MED_MODALITY_RESCALE structure.
Value AT_INT64 64-bit value to which to apply Modality transform.
lpResult LPAT_INT64 Far pointer to 64 bit integer, where the function will put resulting value.

Return Value:

Returns the resulting pixel value.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.

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