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This macro is used for getting the Element number out of a Tag.


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Tag Supply this argument with a 32-bit Tag value that begins with DCM_TAG_

Return Value:

Returns the 16-bit Element Number portion of a 32-bit Tag value.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.

The image must have a DICOM DataSet attached to it. Use MED_DCM_DS_exists to check whether the image contains a DataSet.


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element = MED_DCM_DS_TAG_ELEMENT(DCM_TAG_IssuerOfPatientID)
/* element equals 0x0021                                */


Supply it with a 32-bit Tag value, and it will return the 16-bit Element Number value. The Element Number is the least significant WORD of the 32-bit Tag value. 

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