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This function will be called during file operations when a WRITE is required.


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        LONG fd, 
        const LPBYTE lpBuffer, 
        LONG lSize 


Name Type Description
fd LONG File Descriptor handle.
lpBuffer const LPBYTE Far pointer to buffer from which to write.
lSize LONG Number of bytes to write.

Return Value:

Return the number of bytes written, or -1 to indicate that an error occurred.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.


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HIGEAR       hIGear;        /* HIGEAR handle of image */
LPFNIG_WRITE  MyWriteFunc; /* To be called for file WRITEs */
IG_file_IO_register ( NULL, MyWriteFunc, NULL );    /* Register it */
IG_save_file ( hIGear, "picture.bmp", IG_SAVE_BMP_UNCOMP );
/* This will be called for each write during the above Save:  */
LONG ACCUAPI  MyWriteFunc ( LONG fd, LPBYTE lpBuffer, LONG lNumToWrite )
LONG     nNumActuallyWritten;
return  nNumActuallyWritten; /* Return count, or -1 for error  */


This type of function is established by calling IG_file_IO_register().

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