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Create a function of this type to give your application the flexibility of replacing ImageGear's memory reallocation routine with your own.


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        LPBYTE lpBuffer, 
        AT_UINT nSize


Name Type Description
lpBuffer LPBYTE Far pointer to the buffer to be reallocated.
nSize AT_UINT New byte count for realloc buffer.

Return Value:

The user supplied callback function should return a pointer to the allocated block of memory.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.


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/* Memory ReAlloc callback function definition        */
LPBYTE ACCUAPI MyMemReAlloc( LPBYTE lpbuffer, AT_UINT nSize)
        /* Put your memory reallocation code here */
        return( lpBuffer);
/*See also example for IG_mem_CB_register() */


This callback function is registered by calling IG_mem_CB_register(). The register function must be called prior to any user-defined callback functions being used by the ImageGear library.

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