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This callback is called each time a new error record is added by any thread.


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        LPVOID lpPrivate,     
        DWORD dwThreadID,
        UINT nRecord,
        INT iLineNumber,   
        AT_ERRCODE  iCode,
        UINT nLevel,
        AT_INT lValue1,
        AT_INT lValue2,
        LPCHAR lpFileName,
        LPCHAR lpExtratext


Name Type Description
lpPrivate LPVOID Private data passed.
dwThreadID DWORD Thread identifier where error happened.
nRecord UINT Index of this record in the stack.
iLineNumber INT Line number where a problem occurred.
iCode AT_ERRCODE Error code.
nLevel UINT Level of the error.
lValue1 AT_INT Specific value identifying the reason for an error.
lValue2 AT_INT Specific value identifying the reason for an error.
lpFileName LPCHAR Pointer to a string holding a filename or NULL if not available.
lpExtratext LPCHAR Pointer to a string holding extra info or NULL if not available.

Return Value:


Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.


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        LPVOID   lpPrivate,     /* Private data passed in.  */
        DWORD    dwThreadID,   /* Thread identifier where record added.     */
        UINT     nRecord,     /* index of this record in the stack.        */
        INT      iLineNumber,  /* line number where problen occurred.       */
        AT_ERRCODE       iCode,     /* error code.        */
        UINT      nLevel,    /* level of the error. */
        LONG    lValue1,
        LONG     lValue2,
        LPCHAR   lpFileName,   /* filename str ofr NULL if not present. */
        LPCHAR   lpExtratext   /* extra text info about error. */
        char     szOutput[1024];
        sprintf( szOutput, "Global CallBack - new error record
added:\nThread=%i\nRecord=%i\nLine=%i\nCode=%i\nLevel=%i\nValue1=%i; Value2=%i,\nFile
Name: %s\nExtra Text: %s", 
                dwThreadID, nRecord, iLineNumber, iCode, nLevel, lValue1, lValue2, lpFileName,
lpExtratext );
        //AfxMessageBox( szOutput );
        ::MessageBox(NULL, szOutput, "THREADS", MB_OK);
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