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This callback function is called every time the format filter encounters an ICC profile in the loaded image.


Copy Code
        AT_VOID* lpPrivate, 
        AT_BYTE* lpICCData, 
        AT_INT DataLength 


Name Type Description
lpPrivate AT_VOID* Private callback data.
lpICCData AT_BYTE* ICC profile data, allocated by ImageGear.
DataLength AT_INT Length of ICC profile data, in bytes.

Return Value:


Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.


The ICC profile is provided in the standard ICC format as a byte array. ImageGear allocates the buffer for ICC profile data so that the application does not delete it. If the application needs to use the ICC profile after the callback call, it copies it to its own buffer.

Use IG_fltr_ICC_callback_set() to register this callback function.

Use IG_fltr_ICC_callback_get() function to retrieve your ICC callback settings.

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