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This function returns all information about global control parameter identified by name CtrlID.


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AT_BOOL  ACCUAPI  IG_gctrl_item_get(
        LPCHAR CtrlID,
        LPAT_MODE lpnValType,
        LPVOID lpValue,
        DWORD dwValSize,
        LPDWORD lpdwValSize,
        LPCHAR lpTextInfo,
        DWORD dwTextBufSize,
        LPDWORD lpdwTextInfoSize


Name Type Description
CtrlID LPCHAR IN: The name of global control parameter.
lpnValType LPAT_MODE OUT: The type of global control parameter value.
lpValue LPVOID OUT: Buffer where to copy control parameter value.
dwValSize DWORD IN: Size of lpValue buffer in bytes.
lpdwValSize LPDWORD OUT: Actual size of parameter value in bytes.
lpTextInfo LPCHAR OUT: Buffer where to copy text description of global control parameter.
dwTextBufSize DWORD IN: Size of lpTextInfo buffer in bytes.
lpdwTextInfoSize LPDWORD OUT: Actual size of the text description of parameter.

Return Value:

TRUE if global parameter with given name is found; FALSE if it does not exist.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.


Returns TRUE if parameter with given name is found, and FALSE if parameter with given name does not exist.

See also the section Working with Global Control Parameters.

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