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This function changes the image in window hWnd from the hIGearBefore image to the hIGearAfter image.


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AT_ERRCOUNT  ACCUAPI  IG_dspl_image_wipe(
        [IN] HIGEAR hIGearBefore,     
        [IN] DWORD dwGrpBefore,
        [IN] HIGEAR hIGearAfter,
        [IN] DWORD dwGrpAfter,
        [IN] HWND hWnd,
        [IN] AT_MODE nWipeStyle,
        [IN] LONG nGranularity,
        [IN] LONG lTime


Name Type Description
hIGearBefore HIGEAR HIGEAR handle of an image in the window before the wipe.
dwGrpBefore DWORD Display group identifier used for hIGearBefore.
hIGearAfter HIGEAR HIGEAR handle of an image to be in window after the wipe.
dwGrpAfter DWORD Display group identifier used for hIGearAfter.
hWnd HWND Window handle.
nWipeStyle AT_MODE Transition style, such as IG_WIPE_LEFTTORIGHT. See below. (Check updates to accucnst.h for new wipe styles.)
nGranularity LONG Size of each square region, in pixels. A typical value is 5.
lTime LONG The time, in milliseconds, between wipes.

Return Value:

Returns the number of ImageGear errors that occurred during this function call.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

All pixel formats supported by ImageGear for C and C++.


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HIGEAR            hIGearBefore;   /* Handle of image already being displayed */
HIGEAR           hIGearAfter;    /* Handle of image to replace it  */
HWND             hWnd;            /* Handle of the window  */
AT_ERRCOUNT              nErrcount;     /* Returned count of errors  */
/* Perform a "sparkle" wipe, changing 16 x 16 pixel areas in each step:*/
nErrcount = IG_dspl_image_wipe ( hIGearBefore, IG_GRP_DEFAULT, hIGearAfter,
/* See sample application WIPES for a complete example */


The transition is accomplished according to the nWipeStyle style. Before you call this function, the first image should already be in the window. This function will set the wipe style, and then generate a WM_PAINT message. The IG_dspl_image_draw() call while processing this WM_PAINT message will perform the transition to the new image. nWipeStyle Constants include:

IG_WIPE_LEFTTORIGHT Left-to-Right wipe.
IG_WIPE_RIGHTTOLEFT Right-to-Left wipe.
IG_WIPE_UP_TO_DOWN Up-to-Down wipe.
IG_WIPE_DOWN_TO_UP Down-to-Up wipe.
IG_WIPE_SPARKLE Sparkle Transition.
IG_WIPE_ULTOLRDIAG Upper Left to Lower Right wipe.
IG_WIPE_LRTOULDIAG Lower Right to Upper Left wipe.
IG_WIPE_URTOLLDIAG Upper Right to Lower Left wipe.
IG_WIPE_LLTOURDIAG Lower Left to Upper Right wipe.
IG_WIPE_CLOCK Clockwise wipe.
IG_WIPE_SPARKLE_CLOCK Clockwise wipe with sparkles.
IG_WIPE_DOUBLE_CLOCK Two simultaneous clockwise wipes, 180 degrees apart.
IG_WIPE_SLIDE_RIGHT New image slides in from the left.
IG_WIPE_SLIDE_LEFT New image slides in from the right.
IG_WIPE_SLIDE_UP New image slides in from the bottom.
IG_WIPE_SLIDE_DOWN New image slides in from the top.
IG_WIPE_RANDOM_BARS_DOWN Vertical bars of old image fall to reveal new image.
IG_WIPE_RAIN Vertical lines of new image cover over old, like paint running down the side of a bucket.
IG_WIPE_BOOK Book wipe.
IG_WIPE_ROLL Old image rolls in from right to left.
IG_WIPE_UNROLL New image rolls out from left to right.
IG_WIPE_EXPAND_PROPORTIONAL New image expands from the center of old image in diagonal directions.
IG_WIPE_EXPAND_HORIZONTAL New image expands from the center of old image in horizontal directions.
IG_WIPE_EXPAND_VERTICAL New image expands from the center of old image in vertical directions.
IG_WIPE_STRIPS_HORIZONTAL New image appears as expanding horizontal strips.
IG_WIPE_STRIPS_VERTICAL New image appears as expanding vertical strips.
IG_WIPE_CELLS New image appears as expanding square cells.
IG_WIPE_BALL New image appears as tracks of spirally moving balls.
IG_WIPE_GEARS New image appears as tracks of moving ImageGear's icons.
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