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This function returns the number of bytes needed to store an array of pixels.


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AT_ERRCOUNT ACCUAPI IG_DIB_pixel_array_size_get(
        HIGEAR hIGear,
        AT_DIMENSION length,
        AT_MODE format, 
        LPAT_DIMENSION lpSize 


Name Type Description
hIGear HIGEAR HIGEAR handle of image containing pixel data.
length AT_DIMENSION Number of pixels for which to calculate array size.
format AT_MODE IG_PIXEL_UNPACKED - All bit depths are unpacked (at least one byte per pixel).
IG_PIXEL_PACKED - In legacy mode: 1 and 4 bit images are packed (8 or 2 pixels per byte). In new mode: Only 1 bit images are packed (8 pixels per byte).
lpSize LPAT_DIMENSION Returned array size in bytes.

Return Value:

Returns the number of ImageGear errors that occurred during this function call. If there are no errors, the return value is IGE_SUCCESS.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

All pixel formats supported by ImageGear for C and C++.


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/* Get # of bytes needed to store half a row */
AT_ERRCOUNT nErrcount;  /* Number of errors on stack */
HIGEAR hImage;          /* Handle of image */
AT_DIMENSION w, h;      /* Width and height of image */
AT_DIMENSION nBytes;    /* Size of pixel array in bytes */
nErrcount = IG_image_dimensions_get(hImage, &w, &h, NULL);
nErrcount = IG_DIB_pixel_array_size_get(hImage, w / 2, 
    IG_PIXEL_UNPACKED, &nBytes);


This can be used to allocate storage for use with pixel access functions. This function is similar to IG_DIB_raster_size_get(), but it lets you specify the number of pixels instead of using the number of pixels in an entire raster.

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