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This function returns information about global profile for given color space of given group.


Copy Code
AT_ERRCODE LACCUAPI IG_cpm_profile_get(
        AT_MODE nColorSpace, 
        DWORD nProfileGroup,
        LPCHAR lpStatusStr, 
        UINT nStatusSize 
        LPUINT lpnStatusLen,
        LPDWORD lpnProfileSize,
        LPBYTE lpProfileData, 
        DWORD dwProfileDataSize


Name Type Description
nColorSpace AT_MODE IN: color space ID which profile status to get. Possible value: IG_COLOR_SPACE_RGBIG_COLOR_SPACE_CMYK.
nProfileGroup DWORD IN: color profile group where profiles to get. Possible value: IG_CP_GRP_DISPLAYIG_CP_GRP_WORKINGIG_CP_GRP_EXPORTIG_CP_GRP_IMPORT.
lpStatusStr LPCHAR OUT: pointer where to copy textual information about local profile. If NULL then parameter is ignored.
nStatusSize UINT IN: size of lpStatusStr buffer.
lpnStatusLen LPUINT OUT: return length of actual status message. If NULL then parameter ignored.
lpnProfileSize LPDWORD OUT: If this parameter is not NULL then actual size of color profile in ICC format is returned.
lpProfileData LPBYTE OUT: Pointer where to put profile data or ignored if parameter is NULL. Profile will be written according to ICC.1:1998-09 specification.
dwProfileDataSize DWORD IN: the size of lpProfileData.

Return Value:

Return value is a code of last error or 0 if success.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.


Depending from parameters it either returns information about profile or profile data itself. For example, if lpnProfileSize is not NULL, then size of profile is calculated and returned. If lpProfileData is not NULL, then profile is encoded into standard ICC format and returned through this parameter.

Please note that color profile management is disabled by default. See section Working with ImageGear Color Profile Manager for information about how to activate it.

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