ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
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This function loads an ASCII (.TXT) file into ImageGear.


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        const LPSTR lpszFileName, 
        UINT nPageNumber, 
        LPHIGEAR lphIGear


Name Type Description
lpszFileName const LPSTR Set to the path/filename of the text file to load.
nPageNumber UINT Set to the number of the page to load; if not a multi-page file, set to 1.
lphIGear LPHIGEAR A far pointer that returns a HIGEAR handle for your newly loaded image.

Return Value:

Error count.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.


Specify the path/filename of the file and which page of the file (if it is a multi-page file) you would like to load. ImageGear then returns a HIGEAR handle to the newly loaded image.

To set the control parameters of the loaded file, use IG_fltr_ctrl_set(). The TXT filter control parameters are listed in the section TXT (ASCII Text).

You may also use IG_load_file() to load an ASCII file.

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