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ImageGear Licensing and Deployment Kit Terminology
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Access Key

The key provided to the end user for licensing the application. Uniquely identifies each license issued by Accusoft. You can only generate as many different access keys as the total number of deployment licenses purchased. One an access key needs to be associated with each end user's machine, you can choose to either: distribute access keys to end users explicitly, or use the Licensing Component to acquire access keys automatically behind the scenes.


Licenses that are co-used by a specific number of users and that are counted as 1 license.

Deployment Kit

A set of wizards and tools that help you license your applications.

Deployment Licensing Service

The Web service at Accusoft that handles all licensing requests.

Deployment Packaging Wizard

The tool included in the Deployment Kit that helps you package the appropriate ImageGear runtime components.

Deployment Pool

Each solution can have several deployment pools associated with it. A Pool is a set of licenses of the same type. When a pool is set up, the product features, the deployment model, and other information are associated with it. All the licenses from the same pool have the same attributes, except for hardware parameters (if bound to hardware parameters).

Deployment Proxy Service

The Web service running at your site for "proxying" between the Deployment Licensing Service and the Licensing Component running on the end user's system.

End User

The customer using your application.

End User Licensing Utility

The Web application you use to generate license keys based on hardware keys.

Hardware Key

The key dynamically constructed on the end user's machine by combining the access key and hardware parameters of the machine. Obtained on the end user's machine by combining the access key and the hardware parameters of the end user system. This typically happens during an installation process using the Licensing Component.

ImageGear Runtime Components

The ImageGear runtime components that are licensed for deployment with your application.

License Key

The key containing information about ImageGear licensed features and hardware parameters of the target machine (if bound to hardware parameters). Generated by the Deployment Licensing Service in exchange for the hardware key, and stored in the End User's system registry.

Licensing Component

A component that obtains an ImageGear license for the end user's machine.

Licensing Component Wrapper

A VBScript wrapper around the Licensing Component with methods for handling error result codes, etc. This wrapper serves as a template that can be modified as needed.


An LPK file is a file that licenses ImageGear ActiveX controls when running on a Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser. This file must be created for all ActiveX components that require licensing, regardless of manufacturer.


Licenses that are counted as they are deployed to individual users.

Server License

Bound to hardware parameters. Therefore an individual node-locked License Key has to be generated for each system where the ImageGear-based solution is used. With this model, the Licensing Component running on the end user's machine can communicate directly to the Deployment Licensing Service but you also have the choice of setting up a Deployment Proxy Service at your site - in this case Licensing Component would communicate through this proxy service.

Server Licensing Utility

A standalone program that can be used to generate a license key given a configuration file.

Solution Key

A combination of 4 32-bit integers that are unique for each solution using Accusoft's technology. This key is generated and assigned to your solution by Accusoft.

Solution Name

The name of your ImageGear-based application.

User License

Not bound to hardware parameters. Therefore only one license key is required per ImageGear-based application.


The Accusoft customer who is developing an ImageGear-based application (you).

Vendor Licensing Utility

The Web application you use to view deployment pools and obtain access keys.

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