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Full Name RAW (Raw image)
Format ID IG_FORMAT_RAW = 58
File Extension(s) *.raw
Data Type Raster Image
Data Encoding Binary
Color Profile Support No
Multi-Page Support No
Alpha Channel Support Yes

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ImageGear Filter Control Parameters:

Filter Control Parameter Type Default Value Available Values Description
ALIGNMENT UINT 0 0, 1, 2, 4

Row alignment.

  • 0: DWORD alignment
  • 1: BYTE alignment
  • 2: WORD alignment
  • 4: DWORD alignment
BITS_PER_PIXEL UINT 0 Used internally
COMPRESSION AT_MODE 0 Used internally
FILL_ORDER INT 0 Used internally
HEIGHT AT_DIMENSION 0 Used internally
UNCOMPRESSED_PACKED AT_BOOL FALSE FALSE, TRUE Set to TRUE to read uncompressed packed RAW format, where pixels are not padded to a byte boundary. Set to FALSE to read unpacked format. For example, two 12-bit pixels occupy 3 bytes in the packed format, and 4 bytes in the unpacked format.
WIDTH AT_DIMENSION 0 Used internally


A raw image file contains no header or identifying information. Also, ImageGear can load images of proprietary or unsupported formats as Raw data. Since ImageGear cannot obtain parameters, such as width, height or bits per pixel from the file, the application should specify them. For uncompressed images, ImageGear assumes BMP row order (bottom line goes first). If the RAW image uses the other row order, use IG_IP_flip function to flip it vertically after loading.

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