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Full Name Paintbrush (Intel multi-page FAX format)
File Extension(s) *.dcx
Data Type Raster image
Data Encoding Binary
Color Profile Support No
Multi-Page Support Yes
Alpha Channel Support No

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ImageGear Filter Control Parameters:

Filter Control Parameter Type Default Value Available Values Description
SAVE_COMPRESSED AT_BOOL TRUE FALSE, TRUE This parameters specify either compress output image or not. TRUE value cause to RLE compress image. FALSE cause to write image uncompressed.
ADD_IMAGE AT_BOOL TRUE FALSE, TRUE If this parameter is TRUE then image is added as additional page of multi-page image. If FALSE then the new image with single page is written


This file format was designed to allow multiple PCX files to be stored in one file. This is especially desirable for multi-page faxes (for which the PCX format is often used). Up to 1024 PCX images can be stored in one DCX file.

The DCX construct begins with a simple header, then the PCX files are simply stored end-to-end, complete with their individual headers and palettes. An array in the header called "Pagetable" contains offsets to each PCX. The one piece of vital information not stored with the PCX files under a DCX is their original filenames. See the PCX section of this manual for more about PCX files.

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