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Full Name MS Video for Windows video clip
Format ID IG_FORMAT_AVI = 52
File Extension(s) *.avi
Data Type Raster Image
Data Encoding Binary
Color Profile Support No
Multi-Page Support Yes
Alpha Channel Support No

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ImageGear Filter Control Parameters:

Filter Control Parameter Type Default Value Available Values Description
FILE_NAME String "" any string Obsolete. Not currently used.
IMAGE_IS_KEY_FRAME AT_BOOL TRUE TRUE, FALSE The filter will set this to TRUE or FALSE when reading an image depending on whether or not the image is marked as a key frame in the AVI file.


AVI files are a special case of RIFF files. RIFF is the Resource Interchange File Format. This is a general purpose format for exchanging multimedia data types that was defined by Microsoft and IBM. An AVI file ("audio/video interleave") typically contains video and optionally audio which is synchronized to the video.

ImageGear can read video frame images from uncompressed and RLE compressed AVI files using this AVI format filter.

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