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Full Name Digital Negative file format
Format ID IG_FORMAT_DNG = 108
File Extension(s) *.dng
Data Type Raster image
Data Encoding Binary
Color Profile Support No
Multi-Page Support No
Alpha Channel Support No

ImageGear Supported Versions:

ImageGear Supported Features:

ImageGear Read Support:

* 8bpc DNG loading has been enabled via promoting the image to 16bpc before loading.

ImageGear Write Support:


ImageGear Filter Control Parameters:

Filter Control Parameter Type Default Value Available Values Description
APPLY_COLORSPACE_CONVERSION AT_BOOL TRUE TRUE, FALSE Set to TRUE to convert raw image to linear sRGB color space during loading. Has effect only if RECONSTRUCT_COLORS is TRUE.
APPLY_TONE_CORRECTION AT_BOOL TRUE TRUE, FALSE Set to TRUE to automatically adjust image tone and apply sRGB gamma correction during loading. Has effect only if bothRECONSTRUCT_COLORS and APPLY_COLORSPACE_CONVERSION are TRUE.
RECONSTRUCT_COLORS AT_BOOL TRUE TRUE, FALSE ImageGear attempts to reconstruct full color image from the camera raw image. Otherwise, ImageGear loads raw pixel data without any processing.


This file format was developed by Adobe as a non-proprietary format for unified storage of "raw" images from digital cameras. DNG image stores unprocessed pixel data obtained from camera's sensor, and keeps information about color, contrast and brightness adjustments, sharpening, as well as many other parameters, in its tags. This provides greater possibilities for image correction and enhancement, compared to commonly used formats such as JPEG, EXIF or TIFF.

The fact that the format is non-proprietary allows software vendors to provide support for DNG in their applications, with complete control over the image reconstruction process.

DNG extends TIFF/EP format. It adds a set of new tags for parameters that control reconstruction of full color image from the raw data.

References Used

ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED. Digital Negative (DNG) specification.

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