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Distributing PDF and PS Fonts with Your Application
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The ImageGear toolkit comes with multiple PDF and PS fonts that can be used for developing an application based on ImageGear. 

These fonts are the property of Adobe® Systems and are fully licensed for distribution with your application.

If you need to distribute additional fonts, you need to get a license for the redistribution of those fonts. It's possible to add other fonts to be used with ImageGear PDF/PS support. To do this, place your fonts to the PDF "Resource" directory as follows:

Please also note that the fonts that are pre-licensed for distribution (i.e., AdobeSansMM, AdobeSerifMM, "Courier" and "NotDefFont") provide the substitution capabilities for the other fonts, so they are likely to be enough for many cases. The below paragraph provides more technical details regarding font substitution.

The multiple master font format is an extension of the Type 1 font format that allows the generation of a wide variety of typeface styles from a single font program. This is accomplished through the presence of various design dimensions in the font. Examples of design dimensions are weight (light to extra-bold) and width (condensed to expanded). Coordinates along these design dimensions (such as the degree of boldness) are specified by numbers. A particular choice of numbers selects an instance of the multiple master font. Adobe® Technical Note #5015, Type 1 Font Format Supplement, describes multiple master fonts in detail.

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