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Annotation API: ART
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The ImageGear ART component includes low-level functions for fine-tune image annotating and high-level functions for the most typical operations. ART creates annotations on a layer that sits above the image or document that is to be annotated. The original image and the annotations can be stored separately or merged together permanently.

The XML schema used for ART 3.0 annotations is defined in ARTXMLStorage.xsd

ImageGear ART Component helps developers to add redlining and annotation capabilities to any application built with ImageGear. If you have an application that can read, display, and print images, with ART component attached you can add marking capabilities, such as arrows, highlighting, and sticky notes to documents images, and use them as though you were working on printed sheets of paper. Some of the marks, such as the Ruler and Protractor, are especially useful when combined with DICOM images.

To save marks created for an image either:

You may also combine these methods. You can, for example, leave classified information in an ART file and "burn in" non-classified information into the image. ART and ImageGear support the .ART file extension. You can print the resulting image with or without the marks.

This section provides information about the following:

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