ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
Load Raw Images
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Load camera raw images in the same way as you load images of all other formats, using one of the image loading methods. See Load an Image or Document.

Digital cameras store raw images in exactly the same format as obtained from the camera sensor. A number of image processing operations must be performed to reconstruct a full color image from the raw data.

ImageGear reconstructs the colors of camera raw image formats automatically, using the parameters stored in the camera raw images. ImageGear reconstructed images usually have the 48-bit RGB pixel format.

Camera manufacturers do not publish specifications on their raw formats. ImageGear attempts to reconstruct color images correctly where it is possible. For some cameras, not all of the color balance data is available.

For some camera raw formats, ImageGear also allows you to use custom parameters for color reconstruction. Please see Reconstructing Camera Raw Images Using Custom Parameters for more details.

See Cameras Supported for DC RAW Formats for a list of cameras supported by ImageGear for DC RAW; the list includes information about the availability of custom color reconstruction.

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