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Register a Status Bar Callback
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ImageGear function IG_status_bar_CB_register() registers a callback function that will thereafter automatically be called by many ImageGear functions at the end of processing each raster line. The arguments let your callback function compute the completed percentage, so you can maintain and update a status bar or a message box showing this information.

Most of the following ImageGear functions will automatically call (not "register") a status bar callback function if you've registered it:

To register your own status bar callback function (and the area you use if you want to pass your own data to it) make the following call:

C and C++ 
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IG_status_bar_CB_register ( my_status_bar_CB_func, &myPrivateData );

Your status bar callback function must be of type LPFNIG_STATUS_BAR. Whenever called by ImageGear, your status bar callback function will be called with the following argument list:

 C and C++
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BOOL ACCUAPI my_status_bar_CB_func ( LPVOID lpPrivate, PIXPOS cYPos, 
DIMENSION dwHeight );

Note the following:

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