ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
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ImageGear's set of over 40 display-related functions allows you to control where and with what attributes your application displays each of its images. Among the attributes you can set on an image-by-image basis are:

Also, by using the image's LUTs (Look-Up-Tables), you can translate the colors in the image's color palette to other colors you select (and therefore you can, for example, display an 8-bit grayscale image in any 256 colors you choose).

All of the above display attributes take effect during display only. They do not alter either the image bitmap or the color palette in the DIB.

In addition, any time your image is being displayed, you can center, zoom, or scroll it from within your application.

The key concepts of the display functionality are display options, display option groups, and display operations.

This section provides information about how to use the features described above, and how to use additional special purpose IG_dspl_image_draw...() functions:

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