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Defines display scrolling parameters.

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AT_INT h_min;
AT_INT h_max;
AT_INT h_cur_pos;
AT_INT h_page; 
AT_INT h_line;
AT_INT v_min;
AT_INT v_max;
AT_INT v_cur_pos;
AT_INT v_page;
AT_INT v_line;


Name Type Description
h_min AT_INT Minimum horizontal scrolling position.
h_max AT_INT Maximum horizontal scrolling position.
h_cur_pos AT_INT Current horizontal scrolling position.
h_page AT_INT Size of horizontal scroll page.
h_line AT_INT Size of horizontal scrolling step.
v_min AT_INT Minimum vertical scrolling position.
v_max AT_INT Maximum vertical scrolling position.
v_cur_pos AT_INT Current vertical scrolling position.
v_page AT_INT Size of vertical scroll page.
v_line AT_INT Size of vertical scrolling step.

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