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Controls tile flattening.


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typedef struct tagAT_PDF_FLATTEN
     AT_UINT size;
     AT_INT32 tilingMode;
     AT_PDF_BOOL useTextOutlines;
     AT_PDF_BOOL allowShadingOutput;
     AT_PDF_BOOL allowLevel3ShadingOutput;
     AT_PDF_BOOL strokeToFill;
     AT_PDF_BOOL clipComplexRegions;
     AT_FLOAT internalDPI;
     AT_FLOAT externalDPI;
     AT_FLOAT pathDPI;
     AT_DWORD tileSizePts;
     AT_DWORD maxFltnrImageSize;
     AT_DWORD adaptiveThreshold;
     AT_PDF_BOOL preserveOverprint;


Name Type Description
size AT_UINT Must be set to the size of this struct.
tilingMode AT_INT32

Specifies the tiling mode. One of the following values:

  • 0 = no tiling
  • 1 = constant tiling
  • 2 = adaptive tiling
useTextOutlines AT_PDF_BOOL Outputs text outlines instead of native text when set to TRUE.
allowShadingOutput AT_PDF_BOOL Allows shading output when set to TRUE.
allowLevel3ShadingOutput AT_PDF_BOOL Allows Level 3 shading when set to TRUE.
strokeToFill AT_PDF_BOOL Converts stroke to outline when set to TRUE.
clipComplexRegions AT_PDF_BOOL Displays the Clip Complex checkbox when set to TRUE.
internalDPI AT_FLOAT Specifies the resolution for flattening the interior of atomic regions.
externalDPI AT_FLOAT Specifies the resolution for flattening the edges of atomic regions.
pathDPI AT_FLOAT Specifies the flattener path resolution; the default is 800.
tileSizePts AT_DWORD Specifies the target tile size, in points.
maxFltnrImageSize AT_DWORD Specifies the maximum image size when flattening; the default is 0.
adaptiveThreshold AT_DWORD Specifies the adaptive flattening threshold.
preserveOverprint AT_PDF_BOOL Attempts to preserve overprint when set to TRUE.
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