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ImageGear.Formats.DICOM Namespace
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ImageGear.Formats.Dicom Assembly : ImageGear.Formats.DICOM Namespace
ImageGear.Formats.DICOM namespace provides features that are used with medical and DICOM images. This chapter provides you with ImageGear.Formats.DICOM namespace API reference.
Class Provides DICOM specific features, such as DICOM Presentation State support.
Class Provides the means to display medical images with proper contrast.
Class Implements DICOM Modality transform.
Class Provides Multi-planar reconstruction features.
Class Implements DICOM Value Of Interest (VOI) transform.
Structure Encapsulates coefficients for a linear floating-point one-dimensional transform.
Structure Encapsulates options for loading and saving presentation state objects.
Structure Encapsulates linear DICOM VOI transform.
Enumeration Specifies DICOM Photometric Interpretations.
Enumeration Specifies DICOM Pixel Representations.
Enumeration Specifies DICOM Planar Configurations.
Enumeration Specifies DICOM Service Object Pair (SOP) constants.
Enumeration Specifies DICOM tag identifiers.
Enumeration Specifies DICOM Transfer Syntaxes.
Enumeration Specifies DICOM Value Representations.
Enumeration Represents types of the MPR view.
Enumeration Specifies predefined pseudocoloring schemes.
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