ImageGear .NET v25.1 - Updated
ColorProfile Property (ImGearRasterPage)

ImageGear.Core Assembly > ImageGear.Core Namespace > ImGearRasterPage Class : ColorProfile Property
Gets or sets a local color profile associated with the image.
Public Property ColorProfile As ImGearColorProfile
Dim instance As ImGearRasterPage
Dim value As ImGearColorProfile
instance.ColorProfile = value
value = instance.ColorProfile
public ImGearColorProfile ColorProfile {get; set;}
public: __property ImGearColorProfile* get_ColorProfile();
public: __property void set_ColorProfile( 
   ImGearColorProfile* value
property ImGearColorProfile^ ColorProfile {
   ImGearColorProfile^ get();
   void set (    ImGearColorProfile^ value);

Property Value

ImGearColorProfile class object.
If a color profile is set here, and profiles are enabled in ImGearColorProfileManager class, the local color profile will be used for color space conversions (instead of a global color profile). The default value is null.
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