ImageGear .NET v25.1 - Updated
Orientation Field

ImageGear.Core Assembly > ImageGear.Core Namespace > ImGearPage Class : Orientation Field
Specifies the image orientation attribute which allows for viewing the image flipped and/or rotated by a factor of 90 degrees.
Public Orientation As IImGearOrientation
Dim instance As ImGearPage
Dim value As IImGearOrientation
value = instance.Orientation
instance.Orientation = value
public IImGearOrientation Orientation
public: IImGearOrientation* Orientation
IImGearOrientation^ Orientation

Field Value

Non-null reference to an instance of ImGearOrientation structure.
This field defines the orientation of an ImGearPage instance. It works on the image representation and thus allows the manipulation of page orientation without modifying the pixel data.
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