ImageGear .NET v25.1 - Updated
DIB Property

ImageGear.Core Assembly > ImageGear.Core Namespace > ImGearPage Class : DIB Property
Gets a reference to the ImGearDIB class object. This object contains the page's pixel data.
Public ReadOnly Property DIB As ImGearDIB
Dim instance As ImGearPage
Dim value As ImGearDIB
value = instance.DIB
public ImGearDIB DIB {get;}
public: __property ImGearDIB* get_DIB();
property ImGearDIB^ DIB {
   ImGearDIB^ get();

Property Value

Non-null reference to an instance of ImGearDIB class.

Provides access to image properties and image pixel data.

The DIB property always returns a non-null reference. However, an ImGearPage object can also be used without allocating its DIB's pixel store. The property ImGearDIB.IsEmpty is available to detect whether the pixel store has been allocated.

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