ImageGear .NET v25.0 - Updated
BorderWidth Property (WidgetAnnotation)

ImageGear.Formats.Pdf Assembly > ImageGear.Formats.PDF Namespace > WidgetAnnotation Class : BorderWidth Property
Gets or sets the border width of the widget. It can be any non-negative integer, or a preset width defined in AnnotationBorderWidth.
Public Property BorderWidth As Integer
Dim instance As WidgetAnnotation
Dim value As Integer
instance.BorderWidth = value
value = instance.BorderWidth
public int BorderWidth {get; set;}
public: __property int get_BorderWidth();
public: __property void set_BorderWidth( 
   int value
property int BorderWidth {
   int get();
   void set (    int value);

Property Value

The border width in points. If this value is 0, no border is drawn.
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