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HostEncoding Property

ImageGear.Formats.Pdf Assembly > ImageGear.Formats.PDF Namespace > ImGearPDF Class : HostEncoding Property
Gets a flag that indicate what kind of host encoding a system uses.
Public ReadOnly Property HostEncoding As Integer
Dim instance As ImGearPDF
Dim value As Integer
value = instance.HostEncoding
public int HostEncoding {get;}
public: __property int get_HostEncoding();
property int HostEncoding {
   int get();

Property Value

Integer value.
Allows you to determine whether a system is Roman or non-Roman. (Non-Roman is also known as CJK-capable, that is, capable of handling multi-byte character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.)

Host encoding is a platform-dependent encoding for the host machine. It is WinAnsiEncoding in Windows.

For non-Roman systems, the host encoding may be a variety of encodings, which are defined by a CMap (character map). See Section 5.6.4 in the PDF Reference for a list of predefined CMaps.

Use HostEncoding to determine if a system's host encoding is Roman or not. 0 for a Roman system; nonzero for a non-Roman system. Users should simply test whether this value is 0 or not.

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