ImageGear .NET v25.0 - Updated
Quality Property (IImGearColorAntiAlias)

ImageGear.Core Assembly > ImageGear.Display Namespace > IImGearColorAntiAlias Interface : Quality Property
Gets or sets a color anti-aliasing quality.
Property Quality As UInteger
Dim instance As IImGearColorAntiAlias
Dim value As UInteger
instance.Quality = value
value = instance.Quality
uint Quality {get; set;}
__property uint get_Quality();
__property void set_Quality( 
   uint value
property uint Quality {
   uint get();
   void set (    uint value);

Property Value

Quality, in percent, of color anti-aliasing. Default is 50.
This setting is applicable only if a non 1-bit-per-pixel image is to be drawn with AA method Interpolate and also when the image is zoomed out.
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