ImageGear .NET v24.14 - Updated
Print Method (ImGearPDFDocument)

ImageGear24.Formats.Pdf Assembly > ImageGear.Formats.PDF Namespace > ImGearPDFDocument Class : Print Method
Printing options.
Prints document.
Public Sub Print( _
   ByVal printOptions As ImGearPDFPrintOptions _
Dim instance As ImGearPDFDocument
Dim printOptions As ImGearPDFPrintOptions
public void Print( 
   ImGearPDFPrintOptions printOptions
public: void Print( 
   ImGearPDFPrintOptions* printOptions
void Print( 
   ImGearPDFPrintOptions^ printOptions


Printing options.
Native PDF document printing limits the set of ImageGear ART marks that can be printed. They are These marks are converted to native PDF objects and native PDF printing is able to print these marks. Other ART marks cannot be converted to PDF objects and are not printed.
The standard ImageGear.Display.ImGearPageDisplay.Print method can be used for PDF document printing also. This method rasterizes the PDF document pages and applies ART marks to these pages before printing. This way of printing works more slowly than native printing but is able to print all ImageGear ART marks.
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