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BitsPerSample Property (ImGearTIFFXMPMetadata)

ImageGear24.Formats.SimplifiedMetadata Assembly > ImageGear.Formats.XMP.TIFF Namespace > ImGearTIFFXMPMetadata Class : BitsPerSample Property
Gets or sets BitsPerSample property of the TIFF XMP schema.
Public Property BitsPerSample As ImGearXMPSeq(Of ImGearXMPInteger)
Dim instance As ImGearTIFFXMPMetadata
Dim value As ImGearXMPSeq(Of ImGearXMPInteger)
instance.BitsPerSample = value
value = instance.BitsPerSample
public ImGearXMPSeq<ImGearXMPInteger> BitsPerSample {get; set;}
public: __property ImGearXMPSeq<ImGearXMPInteger*>* get_BitsPerSample();
public: __property void set_BitsPerSample( 
   ImGearXMPSeq<ImGearXMPInteger*>* value
property ImGearXMPSeq<ImGearXMPInteger^>^ BitsPerSample {
   ImGearXMPSeq<ImGearXMPInteger^>^ get();
   void set (    ImGearXMPSeq<ImGearXMPInteger^>^ value);

Property Value

ImageGear.Formats.XMP.ImGearXMPSeq<T> generic class value with ImageGear.Formats.XMP.ImGearXMPInteger type parameter.
This XMP property represents TIFF tag 258 (0x102) and specifies number of bits per component in each channel.
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